Supporting Major Hospital And Our Patients.

Major Hospital Foundation
You have an opportunity to advance healthcare in our community and to help our patients who need
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it most through a charitable gift to the Major Hospital Foundation.

Patient fees alone do not cover the cost of care at any not-for-profit hospital like Major, so the Major Hospital Foundation was created specifically to help support the Hospital and our patients.

Your charitable gift through the Foundation can help Major Hospital maintain and increase its excellence in technology, facilities and programs and to meet the challenges of today's healthcare environment. YOU can make the difference!, learn more...

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Our 2012 Project:
The Gift of Health Community Initiative
Sustaining Healthcare for Everyone

Major Hospital Foundation's Gift of Health Community Initiative is like no other in our history. It is not a project about acquiring the latest in medical equipment or about building new medical facilities. This is a project about people, our very own families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers, who are experiencing an honest hardship.

Major Health Partners is seeking the community's support and philanthropic resources through our Development Council to support our overall mission to provide access to quality healthcare for everyone, regardless of ability to pay.

Sustaining Healthcare for Everyone Means:

  • Providing compassionate, quality healthcare directly to those in need,
  • Assisting Major Health Partners in meeting its charitable mission, and
  • Benefiting the entire community.

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